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Classic Equestrian

About me

Now located in Devon having moved from Bucks, I am a vastly experienced competitor and trainer. Unusually, my experience covers the three disciplines of Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping.

From an early age I have always been considered to be a natural horsewoman with a gift for reading, feeling and listening to horses. This enables me to 'get under their skin' and understand what they need from me.

I am passionate about helping others achieve this understanding. In pursuit of this goal I have in recent years extensively studied natural horsemanship in recognition of a system that has helped many understand horses better. I have helped many Parelli/Natural Horsemanship instructors to achieve their competitive goals.

I see a great need for the competitive world and Parelli/natural horsemanship to move closer together. I know of some excellent work being done by a few to achieve this and it is my great desire to help build the bridge that connects these two worlds. I believe it is good for them both and even better for the horses! With my competitive and coaching experience I am well placed to help this happen.

British Eventing Accredited Coach

I am a British Eventing Accredited Coach and also a member of Yogi Breisner's Coach Development Team since 2009.

I am a regular judge for the JAS series.

Regularly called upon by BE for BE80(T) training classes, course walks and dressage judging.

I have used my widely varied experience to help numerous clients to achieve their goals in all of the following disciplines, no matter what their level of experience or expertise.


26 years of experience in one and 3-day eventing. I have trained many horses from their first event to win and place at every level from Pre Novice to four star 3-day.


Numerous wins at all levels up to and including Intermediare. Trained my top horse from his first Prelim test to Grand Prix.

Show Jumping

Successful top level as a junior. I went on to compete successfully at International level (Hickstead, Windsor, Royal International) before switching to eventing.

Combined Training

Twice National Champion at Blenheim (Stora Timber)

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