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leave your Egos at the door

A place to go for people to do Yoga and wellbeing sessions, without any nastiness or competitiveness.

My Digital Dressage

Online Dressage Competitions. Have fun and gain confidence.

Nicole Claire Photography

Whether you want wedding photos that capture your special day to treasure forever, a professional model portfolio to get you started, glamourous boudoir photos as a gift to yourself or your partner, a special image of your pet or equine friend, or a dynamic group or family shot.

The Horse Place : Alison Jones , 3* Parelli Professional

The Horse Place, situated on the picturesque North Devon coast line, is home to Alison Jones and David Zuend both 3* Parelli Professionals. The Horse Place is the only place in the UK where you will find more than one resident 3* Parelli Professional.

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