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Classic Equestrian


I specialise in enabling rather than training or schooling. I can help to:

  • Enable you to understand your horse better
  • Enable you to explain more clearly to your horse what you want
  • Show you how to enable your horse to more easily give you what you want
  • Enable you to have a much closer and better partnership with your horse

I offer a variety of services.


Available whatever your level, whatever your goal, whatever your discipline.

Private lessons (depending on distance).

Shared lessons (up to 4 people).

Cross Country schooling available at various venues.


Horses taken for schooling on a weekly basis.

Single sessions for assessment and advice also available.

If you have a problem of any sort with your horse I have an excellent track record in solving it. I can help you understand what makes your horse "tick", thus enabling you to get the best from it.


I am always available for clinics on request. I teach internationally.

Two day clinics covering all 3 parts of eventing are a speciality.

Cross Country clinics regularly undertaken at a variety of venues.

Also: dressage isn't a scary word.

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