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Classic Equestrian

Virtual Coaching

Fundamentals Membership

£15.00 per month

As a member your benefits include:

  • Library of 42 training videos covering a wide variety of subjects involving techniques, mindset and problem solving
  • Access to private members Facebook group
  • Discounts on one to one virtual coaching
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Virtual Coaching

£32 per submission

(£20 if you're a member of Classic Equestrian Online)

  • 10 minute video reviewed and critiqued, or
  • Written feedback, or
  • 10 minute follow up video or voice call
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Live Lession Via Zoom

£45 per lesson

(£35 if you're a member of Classic Equestrian Online)

Here's what you will need to accomplish this:

  • Laptop computer running the latest version of Zoom. There are Zoom versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as Zoom apps for Android and iPhone and you can even use it straight in your browser. Please be sure if you are using a mobile device it has high quality video capabilities and zoom capabilities
  • HD video camera (compatible with laptop's operating system) with audio/video jacks and zoom function
  • High-speed internet connection or mobile hotspot (enough to accommodate live video feed)
  • Bluetooth hands-free headset (for the rider) connected to compatible mobile phone
  • A helper to serve as videographer

For our live lesson, you will live feed the video to me via Zoom and I will call you on your cell phone so you can ride and hear me in real time as I watch you over video. You will be supplied with a Zoom meeting link before the session starts.

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What does online and virtual coaching with me give you in essence?

During different phases of COVID 19 lockdown, it can be so so helpful to be thinking and learning when you're perhaps not able to ride your horse, or at least very limited. You can use this time in a constructive way, taking everything with you and continuing when we come out of lockdown.

  • It can give you a touchstone, a reference, a refresher or even a reminder, to take learning points with you on to your horse
  • It enables you to use this time to work and learn off your horse. If you only ever think about this stuff when you're on a horse there is simply not the time to make the change to fundamental habits and create new neural pathways.
  • Perhaps you find it difficult to take instruction during a lesson when you’re actually on the horse. This allows for you to consolidate and reflect, with time to take things in and be able to apply them next time you’re on your horse.
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